1. Will you be using an existing template or will the site be built from scratch?

We will often use templates to keep development time to a minimum if we can find one that our clients like and that has a solid enough framework and quality level to be appropriate. We can and do, however build complete custom designs using the ‘X’ framework. These sites tend to cost more, and it’s often unnecessary to build a customer design for our smaller clients. The price we’ve quoted for you includes customization as necessary from a template if one can be located that will work.

2. My site is already hosted. Do you have any experience with my hosting company? What are your opinions/recommendations regarding hosting sites?

It doesn’t matter who your hosting company is, OMI can work with anyone. The only real considerations for hosting are how much traffic will be pushed through your site, and how robust are the shared hosting options from your current hosting company.

3. How will payment be handled?

We require a 60% deposit to begin any project, but we offer a Net 30 terms for all work through a special program that allows us to offer those terms to existing businesses, which means you get your website without paying a dime for the first 30 days. There are no finance charges or fees to you, and most businesses and non-profits can qualify with no credit check of any kind required. The remaining balance of your work would be due 30 days after the final work is delivered.

4. I will need full ownership, 100% access to my site and content management (WP administration, FTP access, Database access, DNS settings).

If you already have hosting, you’ll continue to have the same accesses. OMI would require that you sign a Client Maintenance agreement so that if there are any issues with the site after it launches that you need us to help fix, you acknowledge that there may be fees. We also offer maintenance plans starting at $50 per month for a guaranteed 2 hours of support.

5. Will you be using plugins? Which ones? It has been suggested that my site include WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast. Do you have experience with this? Do you recommend?

Most websites/frameworks use plugins – we use a number of standard plugins for things like sending email, blocking SPAM and malware, contact forms, and of course SEO. We are very familiar with the Yoast plugin, but the quote we’ve provided is probably for the construction of your site only. We’re SEO experts, but we do SEO the right way, by understanding your specific goals and helping you come up with an appropriate strategy. Setting up a plugin and typing in values into it is not a real SEO strategy.

6. How will my site be secured? How will it be handled if the site breaks, is hacked or malfunctions?

Some of that depends on who you’re hosting with. Your hosting company will have a back-up strategy that is probably limited, but provides some protections. As part of our monthly maintenance plans, we provide backups of our client sites, and for any malfunctions related to hacking or anything else that causes your site to stop working we will restore your site to the most recent backup.

7. How will updates be handled (themes, plugins, WordPress core)?

For sites that are hosted with us, or who have maintenance plans with us, we manage the process of applying code updates by applying updates as they’re released and checking the site once they’re applied. If an update to a theme, plugin, or the WP code-base causes an issue for your site that can be remedied as a maintenance item, we’ll do so. We’ll also determine if it’s necessary to apply an update, especially to a plugin or theme. In the case of WP, we normally recommend updates, but do not allow automatic updates on our hosting platform.

8. Will my site be mobile-friendly (website responsive)?

Yes – all of our sites are responsive.

9. What options do you have to add or change features and functionality in the future?

OMI offers a number of monthly maintenance plans for every budget.
10. How will the site track website traffic, usability, engagement and conversion (donations, payments, visits to partner sites)?
We install Google Analytics on all the sites we deliver, but monitoring of traffic, or producing Google Analytics reports requires a monthly maintenance plan with OMI. Tracking payments or donations will depend on the solution used to collect them – if you use a simple PayPal solution, payments and donations can be tracked through their interface. For more integrated solutions, tracking and reporting will be part of the website framework.

10. Will training be offered/included for me and/or members of my staff?

OMI offers a complimentary hour of training for clients who want to maintain their own sites. We also offer WordPress training classes for teams, that go much deeper into the technology, and that is customized for your specific website implementation.

11. Are there any additional outside fees?

No. Besides monthly maintenance after your site is delivered, the fees we’ve quoted include the development, configuration, and launching of your website with features we agree upon.

OMI doesn’t just build websites – we provide a significant level of business consulting. Our consultants have almost 50 years of combined experience in technology, having built enterprise, high-performing, scalable solutions across a variety of industries. That means that when we’re discussing solutions, we’re doing it in a way that aligns completely with your business goals. Anyone can build a website – it’s a lot harder to build a site that meets the immediate and future needs of an organization and in a way that builds a foundation for growth, and supports all facets of your digital marketing strategy. Call us today to discuss your specific goals!