Why Going Mobile Matters

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One question: How lost are we without our cell phones? It goes without saying that mobile phones have become vital to our everyday personal lives and businesses. Need proof?

As of 2012, over 90 million Americans owned a smartphone. It was reported in the spring of 2014, that those same Americans spend an average of over two hours and forty minutes on those same phones. Mobile users spend 86% of that time using mobile applications and the other 14% on the web. So – how important is it for your business to have a mobile presence?

If you don’t believe that your business could benefit from a mobile strategy, poll your current clients. Engaging with your current clientele and finding out what their needs and expectations are relative to your mobile marketing plan could prove to be invaluable in assisting you with how to launch your mobile presence that will help you retain clients and drive referral business.

Also, do your research. Investigate how businesses in your industry and your competitors are using both mobile apps and mobile marketing. Find out if others in your line of work have leveraged these tools to win new customers, repeat business, or to administer customer loyalty programs. Take note of how their tools work and what the key features are. If possible, find out how successful the company has been since implementing its mobile strategy. Finally, identify gaps in those features that your company can fill for some underserved part of your shared market that you could apply in your own company’s mobile marketing plan!

Going mobile could bolster your marketing mix by conveniently placing your product/service in the right medium at the right time and hopefully at the right price. Understanding your options and how they target and benefit your clientele will help you and your marketing team develop the most effective mobile strategy possible. And – don’t forget to consult with professionals who know the what, the when, the where, and the why of going mobile.  Do not let 2015 find you behind the proverbial mobile eight ball!

Think of it! How great would it be to find that no one else in your industry or no direct competitor is making effective use of mobile technologies? You can pioneer its application in your industry or at least among your competitors. Differentiation, customer convenience, and satisfaction are the keys to effective branding – they also lead to customer loyalty, and help you get referrals. A good mobile strategy can open your organization up to either a whole new market, or a better way to reach your target market!

Kelly Dennie is an Atlanta resident who works for Online Media interactive. She loves writing, marketing and crunching numbers.

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